My daily notes & writing routine

I’m running into a couple of issues with my daily writing routine. The problem is not that I don’t stick to it, but rather how I feel about it as a whole. This leads to the fact that I get used to it, but I still feel like I’m just dancing around the topic. Therefore I would like to try to shed a light on the subject and, above all, to lay down a few basic rules.


I will change the way I write. I think I’ve practiced for a while now what it’s like to write, reflect and write on a daily basis to express my thoughts. I noticed that, for example, writing a little daily for this blog basically prevents me from going deeper walk. I will therefore try the variant that I only write here 1-2 times a week and instead concentrate more on my notes and thoughts.

Official gazette, chickens and the Stonde Age

Today it’s about chickens 🐓. My wife improvised an outside chicken coop yesterday. The reason for this is that there is currently compulsory stable due to bird flu. A pandemic would have been enough, but our chickens also have to be quarantined. It is somewhat questionable how the information about the compulsory stable got to us. One would think that due to the fact that our chicken herd is registered with the veterinary office, an easy flow of information is possible.

25 steps mehr

I started changing my running routine a few weeks ago. First I started a test with the length of the route. Instead of the usual 6 km, I just ran 8 km. That went amazingly well. I can even say that the change in the length of the track actually made little difference. Since I’ve been running the 8 km, I’ve decided to run a little more each time, i.e. I run at least 25 steps more than last time.

Something is not feeling right yet

I am rethinking how to better implement writing and reflecting. At the moment I am already in the process of creating a routine here and it has been working for more than 14 days. Unfortunately, I also have to say that I am a little lacking in depth here. It often seems to me that I work through this more than dealing with the really interesting topics. To be very clear: way too much blabla.

Vacation moved

Actually, we have planned vacation for this week. In times of the pandemic, this means that you spend your vacation at home, since traveling is currently not possible, at least for many people. It doesn’t make any difference to us. We have a situation through our many animals that travel and even weekend trips are a bit difficult. But that’s not bad at all 😊. We had talked yesterday about moving the vacation to the next week, since this week there are still bookkeeping and training of a virtual Assistant standing in line.