Maybe English as main language?

I am currently considering whether I should save myself the translation into English and instead only write in English. That would not only save time, but I would also learn more from it. At the moment I often feel like I am in a hurry, because I still have to translate.

I’m still a little torn. Maybe a list will help?

German + English

  • + it is actually quite nice that there is also German content on the Internet
  • + not everyone can speak English
  • - more work
  • - actually I feel more comfortable in the English language

Only English

  • + my English gets better when I think and write directly in the language
  • + I think English is better for the internet because the internet connects us all, no matter where we come from
  • - many Germans don’t speak English very well

Okay, the list doesn’t help me at all. I am just realizing that I have to suck every point out of my head. I’ll think about it a bit and then make a decision.

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