Goals & Reflection


Last week I read the book Stop living on Autopilot by Antonio Neves. A really great book. It is not like it contains very new knowledge. However, the author takes a few interesting approaches:

The most important finding for me was the idea to regularly reflect on the last 30 days, i.e. if you have now decided to perform better in your job, you should ask yourself whether the company would hire you again based on your performance for the last 30 days. The author believes that you shouldn’t focus too much on what you want to achieve in 3 or 5 years. Instead, you should make sure that you concentrate on the next 30 days and realistically evaluate your progress through the 30 days of reflection.

Much of the book revolves around learning to see things for what they really are and learning from them.

I believe that realistic reflection and evaluation of progress is at least as important in achieving goals as the goals themselves.

You read a lot about the fact that you should set big goals or concentrate fully on the process. I now believe that the path is clearly in the middle and that it is different for everyone.