Vacation moved


Actually, we have planned vacation for this week. In times of the pandemic, this means that you spend your vacation at home, since traveling is currently not possible, at least for many people. It doesn’t make any difference to us. We have a situation through our many animals that travel and even weekend trips are a bit difficult. But that’s not bad at all 😊.

We had talked yesterday about moving the vacation to the next week, since this week there are still bookkeeping and training of a virtual Assistant standing in line. However, I’ve decided not to take the vacation until I’ve earne it.

The problem is that I still have to coordinate a few accounts with the tax adviser to get the financial statements ready. But because we did a 6-week project cycle beforehand not much has happened yet. After our vacation, the next project block would start, and although I have more of an advisory role in this project there is still a lot of work for the first 2 weeks to get everything on track. As a result the preparatory work for the tax adviser would be postponed by another 2-3 weeks.

Actually, bookkeeping isn’t really my thing, but I’m looking forward to tackling the topic next week instead of vacation. Otherwise if I only have that one task on my list for the coming week it will will probably be a lot of fun and I’ll get on well with it.

I’ll probably split the vacation up and do a couple of extended weekends instead.