Something is not feeling right yet


I am rethinking how to better implement writing and reflecting. At the moment I am already in the process of creating a routine here and it has been working for more than 14 days. Unfortunately, I also have to say that I am a little lacking in depth here. It often seems to me that I work through this more than dealing with the really interesting topics. To be very clear: way too much blabla.

I’m just realizing that all of this is okay as far as I keep what I’ve set out to do, but it’s relatively superficial. The difference between what I write and what goes through my head is relatively big and that’s actually a shame.

Basically, that’s more of a time problem. Currently I have 3 construction sites as far as writing is concerned:

  • my daily reflection
  • the short Blog post for my Blog
  • the translation of the Blog post

On some days this leads to a real rushing through, because it is clear from the start that time is short.

I haven’t made a concrete plan yet how I could do it differently. A first approach is that I may only write something for my Blog 2 or 3 times a week, but I am more selective and detailed about the topics.

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