Digitales Sammelsurium

What a mess

It has been a thorn in my side for a long time. When I watch my movies and tv-shows alone, I ask myself how I can ever get this in order. Easily more than 100 Blu Rays, partially digitized and on the Plex Homeserver, 10-20 bought movies and tv-shows on Amazon Prime, the same on Apple. It looks similar with the games. Some on Xbox, the majority on Playstation. Actually, you should keep a record of what digital possessions you have, with which provider they are and with which device you can play what. I seriously ask myself whether this is still appropriate in the age of blockchain technology. It should actually be possible to manage the licenses for games, movies, etc. centrally. The technology is there.

It could be so easy

If you imagine in return that the whole topic would be covered by blockchain technology, it could really be a simple and well-rounded thing. Using smart contracts, usage rights could be regulated clearly and across platforms.

Buying, selling, lending, swapping, no problem at all

If you were to regulate the purchase of a movie via a blockchain, for example, it would basically not matter where I bought the movie. My player or my app to play it could verify via the blockchain before playing that I own the movie or that I am allowed to play it. It would also be possible, for example, to resell a movie because I am no longer interested in it. Blockchain technology would allow us to deal with digital goods like we did when we were kids music with CDs or comics. Easily buy, sell, etc. Borrowing would also not be an issue and not only between provider and customer, but also from customer to customer. For example, you could lend a movie to a buddy for, say, two days using a smart contract. When the time has expired, the right to watch the movie are automatically transferred back to the owner of the movie.

Just by the way …