The right tool is just an excuse

Now let’s be honest

How often does it happen that you think the lack of a tool, a program or whatever in order to make yourself aware of what you set out to do to hold. When I think back to the time when I started programming again, I could still pull my hair out now. It’s unbelievable how much time you can spend with the question “Which editor is the best for programming?”. The point is this: when you spend your time doing it yourself Hours and days spent trying to find the best editor the answer is probably: “None at all”.

The situation described above exists in countless variations. It doesn’t matter whether you are a photographer, craftsman or tax advisor. Everyone knows that probably too good.

It’s like wanting to learn to play the guitar and first of all you buy the best and most expensive guitar that money can find. But the point is simply the fact that it really doesn’t help you at all. The guitar doesn’t make you a rock star, the 500 megapixel camera doesn’t make you a rock star Photographers.

The comfort zone is the problem

When we try to do something difficult, new, or both, our brains seem particularly creative. The lack of a specific tool as Reason to not start with something is just one of many excuses. As far as I’ve seen, we tend to make such excuses as soon as we do Leave the safe ground of our comfort zone.

You have to outsmart yourself

The problem is, our brains are so good at making these excuses that we sometimes don’t notice them until hours later. A perfect solution I haven’t found it yet, but a mission could actually be good planning combined with a healthy dose of stubbornness. I used the method around the time I started doing regular exercise again. Basically you have to create a state where there is no either or gives. It just has to be perfectly clear that exactly what you set out to do has to happen now.

It is important that you have decided beforehand what to do at this moment. In other words, it’s about planning. If you already have decided yesterday
what to do now things seem a lot easier. It’s already decided … right?

now we made XYZ. End of the announcement “.