Justice League - Snyder Cut


The time had come yesterday. I watched the long-awaited Snyder Cut from Justice League. The film was pretty good overall, but in my opinion it still didn’t reach the level of previous Zack Snyder films.

With a running time of almost 4 hours, the film was almost twice as long as the theatrical version. The good thing about it is that not just deleted scenes have been cut into the film. Instead, you created a lot more depth in the entire film. The stories and motifs of the individual heroes and the villains were told in much more detail than in the theatrical version. In my opinion, this is also a very important difference between the two versions. I found that the original theatrical version simply didn’t explain enough. What I also liked was that in some scenes you simply took your time to let the mood take effect. You already know that from other Zack Snyder films, especially Man of Steel was really big here. Compared to Man of Steel, it has to be said that those quiet moments in Justice League weren’t nearly as good as in Man of Steel.

What was a little strange was the film format. Instead of 16: 9 picture format, a kind of 4: 3 was chosen, I think it was the Imax format. I found the format rather annoying and irritating. That also supported the fact that the film wasn’t very good at the composition anyway. I don’t know exactly how to explain that, but when I watch movies like Watchmen, 300, Sucker Punch or Man of Steel in comparison, these films were perfect in terms of the picture composition in almost every scene. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case in Zack Snyder’s newer films.

Overall, the film was very good and entertaining. I have to say, however, that in my opinion we have reached the point where most of the superhero stories are told. Marvel and DC now have more than one movie about all of their heroes. There are also films like Justice League in which several heroes come together. For my part, I’m now saturated when it comes to comic book adaptations.