When did customer service really get that bad?

I’ve been wondering for a long time how underground some customer service is. I actually work with big companies like Amazon or DPD every day do and often wonder how useless customer service is most of the time.

Do you want to contact us? Well then, good luck with it

I don’t know about others, but I am someone who usually only contacts a company’s customer service department when I am really stuck. This means that my problem can usually not be answered via the FAQ page.

For most companies, this is where the frustration starts for me as a customer. With many companies you really have to look for where to contact Company can accommodate. Email, phone number or just open a pocket? Nothing! Most of the time you first have to go through chatbots or rummage through other question-answer games before, with a bit of luck, you can ask your question.

Are such artificial barriers really necessary?

The message that is conveyed is unfortunately often very clear: “We don’t want you to contact us”. Did you finally make it to a Ticket system or a reasonably usable call system you are discreetly pointed out that “due to the high volume of Customer inquiries a longer waiting time is to be expected. “. Mostly the FAQ or help pages are also offered as a” better alternative “to the waiting time. The bad, bad customers. Clog the lines with your questions! Somewhere in this process, as a customer, I was of course interspersed with a standard phrase like “You, my dearest customer, are very important to us as a company”. Thank goodness, now I feel much better 😇

When did communication with customers become so unimportant?

I don’t know … maybe my age makes me weird, but is a direct conversation with a customer for a company not always an opportunity? Most of the time a company you thinks about which new product to offer and how to reach the customers.

It would be much better if you used the customer service inquiry as an opportunity. Of course, that is also work, because the customer is is asking for help with a problem. But if you solve the customer’s problem (which you have to do anyway) you have the opportunity to simply get customer feedback and a dialogue to lead with the customer.