Projekte & Deadlines

In our company we are currently in a phase shortly after a project. We had previously spent 6 weeks developing and installing a new corporate design. I had the project lead. We are now at the point where we have implemented the project quite well, but there seems to be a lot confusion about the next steps.

The problem is actually that I did not ensure that we had a clear timetable for adapting all of our advertising material etc. from the project walk. This leads to confusion and uncertainty among my colleagues. The good thing is that my colleague is now learning to address issues a lot more openly. She did a great internal blog post in which she clearly stated how she felt and what would happen if we did not put the work in to solve the situation.

Finding the right way is not that easy

We have been working in project cycles for about 1 year. That means we do a 6-week project and then a 2-week break. It works actually pretty good, because we manage to tackle things that are important and meaningful for the company instead of just dealing with the daily noise.

Still, we have a lot to learn. At the moment, I’m the only one who has thought about how best to approach the internal projects. That leads to some frustration for me, especially in situations like the above-mentioned. At the moment I am not yet able to lead myself and my colleagues in such a way that we really get ahead. Sometimes it feels like cutting stones.

I have the feeling that my colleagues willingly go along with everything, but they lack an understanding of the “why”. Unfortunately there is not enough interest in delving deeper into “how we work”. That is not my colleagues’ fault. I have to find a way to arouse interest in doing the best possible job. I don’t know how to do that yet.

But maybe I’m too impatient and I’m not very aware of the progress yet?