The optinion of the others

In this day and age, it’s easy to be influenced by the opinions of others. Strictly speaking, you not only get the opinion of others for free, but also without being asked whether you want to hear them or not.

Everyone who has a social media account lets his opinion on a topic from the stack and blows it out into the world.

It’s not better with them. I’m usually not that interested in the news, but I’ve seen the news fairly regularly over the past year due to the pandemic. From my point of view, the news is no better than social media. The news follows the same basic rules as the nonsense that we sometimes see in social media, with a somewhat more official character. It’s not about what’s true or what’s good, it’s actually just about what gets the most attention. That was seen very nicely in the course of the pandemic. Before long it was only about the economy, the number of infections and who is to blame for the fact that the recently decided measures do not work. What has the greatest potential to excite the viewer or reader is taken 😇.

Why should one even bother with the opinions of others?

One could now withdraw to the position that the opinions of others are unimportant and that it is only up to you that matters. But that doesn’t work. We cannot just live in our own mind and thoughts. The opinion of others helps us to sharpen our own view of the wet and provides us with interesting insights again and again. The opinion of others is essential, especially for those who produce creative output. It helps us to get better, to improve our products and our art and so much more.

You have to pay attention to what you let in

I would probably prefer to just ignore all opinions completely. That would be comfortable, painless, and would work great for the moment.

Then I also have the [[list of my favorite people]] 🥰. If I decide to just let opinions in my head when the author of the opinion is on the list, that’s probably a pretty good filter.

Nevertheless, I am of the opinion that this will also lead to stagnation in the medium to long term.

And what if someone is not on the list, but their opinion is completely understandable and justified?

Another way to filter is probably how long it will take me to consume the opinion. For a tweet I might need 5 seconds, but if the opinion is written in a blog post that takes me 30 minutes, things look different. The whole one- and two-line clickbait opinions can basically be ignored completely. Why should you let an opinion in your head that just stands there?


Basically, it probably comes down to 2 things:

  1. The opinion comes from someone you trust
  2. And / or has the person bothered to explain why he or she is of this opinion

Everything else can probably be safely ignored zggl. so a few gray areas in between.

The most important thing is anyway that, regardless of whether you let an opinion in your head, you make your own thoughts.

But this is just another opinion.