Things that didn't work out the way I thought

Okay, this might be weird. I’ve just decided to deal with the failures in my life. I am almost certain that this topic will be difficult for completely different reasons than some people think.

I find it difficult to even register failures in my life as such. Maybe it’s because I never really regret anything, but rather am grateful for every experience I’ve had. In any case, I’m just noticing that this is going to be a headache. I already identified 2 things, but it wasn’t that easy.

I probably just need a different name for it that better fits how I feel about it. Maybe things that didn’t work the way I thought?

Why do I even want to do that?

For me, it’s just about making myself aware of a few things. I just want to understand what went wrong, why I made which decisions and what I can learn from them.

I am sure that I learned a lot on the way and it is impossible to recapitulate everything with certainty. Nevertheless, you have always faced major changes in your life and decided on one thing or the other.

It should be feasible to identify a few of the big chunks and take a closer look at why you decided to do it and why it didn’t work out as you imagined it in the end.