About me


I am Sascha. For today I have made the unfortunate decision to write something about myself 😱. Maybe I’ll start at the beginning: I started using computers relatively early, which can also be due to the fact that I am no longer the youngest. As a teenager, I wanted nothing more than a C64. I basically just wanted to be able to play video games and have fun with it. My parents thought that such a computer should be useful for school. They asked for advice and brought me a wickedly expensive 286 with 640KB RAM. I was sitting there now. No games, no idea and MS-DOS version 5 or so. How disappointing 😣.


I made a lot of things, tried a lot and learned a lot, even if I couldn’t play as I intended. At some point I did a computer science course at school and later I also chose computer science as a subject. I learned really interesting stuff. Most of the time we programmed with a language Turbo Pascal. That was great. Nevertheless, after school I decided to take a different route. At that time I decided on graphic design, then I ended up in the printing industry as a specialist for prepress, workflow automation and above all color management. Throughout this time I have always been concerned with computers and new technologies. Simply because it was super interesting 😎

When I met my wife, I had to settle down. She assimilated me into her company, where I still work and support. Of course I do everything that has to do with technology, automation etc. However, I have now given the subject of color management and press calibration to the trusting hands of our graphic staff 😁

A lot has changed for me in the past 2 years. I don’t know if it was kind of a midlife crisis, but I felt an urge to change a lot of things. I wanted to find out what I really want to do. I questioned what I was doing and why I was doing it, looking for what I really wanted. When I looked at myself and my life it dawned on me. The love of technology for computers and technologies has always accompanied me. Basically, I’ve always been able to do what I was most interested in. However, I decided to make a few changes. I decided to deal with my favorite topic more intensively and in a more targeted manner 😊. Since then I’ve been doing a lot of programming. I try, I learn and I have to say I love it 🥰 I also discovered my love for learning in itself. I read a lot and have to put something new into my head every day.

Anything else?

  • I program every day
  • I run about 25km a week
  • 4 days a week / 1 hour a day HIIT training is a must have
  • I like to play video games and the best is, my wife loves it too 🥰
  • My diet is Paleo
  • I ride a motorcycle and love my Ducati, her name is Polly 😘
  • I only use Apple computers because they are just better 😜
  • I love music